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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

T.N.T at Doherty!


Doherty Middle School held its second annual T.N.T. (Try New Tastes) event Thursday, October 24, 2013 to commemorate National Food Day and promote nutrition awareness. Doherty's theme was "Breakfast Boosts Brainpower." Students and staff had the chance to sample delicious, nutritious Smart Start Smoothies, Egg-ceptional Omelets and Brilliant Baked Toast. The cafeteria was abuzz with excitement as Food Services together with student leaders, teachers and administrators served breakfast. Students eagerly gobbled up the offerings as they "powered up" for a productive day of learning.  Studies show that students who eat a healthy breakfast are more attentive in class and perform better in school than breakfast skippers. The T.N.T. event showcased Food Services continued commitment to providing a variety of healthy choices throughout the school day and was a delicious success! 

Cheryl Todisco
Health Education Teacher
Doherty Middle School   
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