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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kindergarten Leprechaun Trap Fair

Each year the Kindergartners at Sanborn School work on a special engineering project with their families.  They build Leprechaun Traps!  The traps are built at home and then brought in to school and displayed in the cafeteria in a science fair-like format on the Thursday evening closest to St. Patrick’s Day. 

Parents, siblings, extended family, neighbors and friends all flock to Sanborn School to see the Leprechaun Traps the children have built with their families.  During the Leprechaun Trap Fair, Kindergarten teachers Ann Carlson and Laraine Woo welcome all of the children and their families and then explain that half of the children stay with their traps and explain them as others circulate around the cafeteria learning about the plans to catch the elusive leprechauns.  Halfway through the event, these children are able to circulate while their classmates stay with their traps to proudly explain their plans to fair goers. 

When the evening concludes, the families take the traps home where they are set in the hopes of catching a leprechaun!  The excitement is contagious!

Sanborn School Kindergarten Team

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