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Monday, March 31, 2014

Sanborn Wednesday Family Ambassadors

Fourth and fifth grade student “ambassadors” at Sanborn School have been busy teaching critical character building skills to their peers.  As part of Sanborn’s Wednesday Family program, a team of student leaders works during recess to brainstorm and develop dynamic lessons to present to their Wednesday Family classmates.  Wednesday Family is a monthly mix up of grades and teachers designed to enhance community support across grade levels.  Wednesday Family Ambassadors strive to make lessons interactive, incorporating dance, song, drama, debate, or team challenge games that not only make the character skill relevant and meaningful, but also strengthen relationships among classmates.  A lesson on tolerance included a powerful video and song about acceptance, along with an interactive movement activity that encouraged students to reflect on similarities and differences.   A lesson on perseverance will include group challenge exercises that involve cooperation and determination.  Ambassadors are taught how to facilitate thoughtful discussions and demonstrate supportive listening skills.  All lessons are designed to promote active problem solving as well.  Goals of the Wednesday Family Ambassador program include providing students the opportunity to develop strong leadership skills and to serve as positive peer models.  Ambassadors have expressed a new appreciation for the challenges their teachers face teaching to many different learning styles and personalities!

At Sanborn’s next PTO meeting Ambassadors will present a brief overview of how students are teaching students to be better people in our community.   This will be followed by an adult presentation and discussion of specific skills being taught and how these skills can be supported at home.

Susan Hunter-Jones
Social Worker

Sanborn School

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