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Friday, March 28, 2014

West Middle School's second TechAware Week

February 3-5 was West Middle School's second TechAware Week, and this year's event was an even bigger success than last year.  The whole school participated in a week of activities that were designed to raise awareness about the thoughtful and responsible use of technology and social media by our students.  To that end, our teachers and student leaders worked hard to develop and carry out a variety of activities designed to engage our students in discussions about important topics, like responsible digital citizenship and avoiding problems with technology – especially bullying and cyber bullying.

Some of the highlights of the week included:

  • Extended homerooms each day during which students signed, "Unplugged" pledges, participated in discussions with our student WEB and Stand Up Committee Leaders, and reflected on their own use of digital media
  • "Unplugged" games in the café with teachers before school and during lunches.
  • A very well attended parent forum on the subject of digital awareness, cyber bullying, and social media, facilitated by Shelley Coughlin (digital learning specialist), Gina Murray (PAC president), Stacie Bilowz (social worker), Sandy Lunt (health teacher), and our WEB and Stand-Up Committee Student Leaders.  Thank you to the many parents who took time out of their day to join us!
  •    A video made by our teachers, shown as a special feature during Friday's homeroom.  This "I unplug to…" video was a humorous and thoughtful highlight of the week.
  •  Enrichment class discussions throughout the week focused on a multitude of resources regarding cyber-awareness and digital responsibility.  Many of the resources on bullying and cyber-bullying were made available from MARC – the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center.

We wish to thank our teachers, parents, and student leaders for the hard work they put into helping make this week such a success.  
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