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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Integrated Arts – Engineering: WMS

We were just awarded a $550 grant from the Andover Fund for Education to support our "Arduino-Based 'Mission Design' Project."  
"We are expanding our current 8th grade “Radio Controlled Vehicle Mission Design” project to add an option for students to base their RCVs on Arduino micro-controllers to learn about electronics, computer programming and system design and development.

This is a step forward in our development of a plan to have all students in grades 6-8 learn about and design with programmable micro-controllers, sensors, actuators and other elements of interactive "smart" systems.  Our hope is that we will make this appealing to all students by not focusing only on systems that look and act like traditional "Robots."  We want to have students design and build creative and personal devices that they're proud of and identify with.  We are excited about this new opportunity.
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