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Monday, April 7, 2014

Viva Espanol!


Viva Espanol is an enrichment class taught by Leela Bakshi, a Spanish teacher at Doherty Middle School. It's purpose is to explore the lives of kids, teens and families in the Spanish-speaking world. Students participate in cultural explorations to discover what kids their age are doing in other counties such as: what music they are listening to, where they shop, what food they have at birthday parties, and what their responsibilities are with their families. 

The class has done activities surrounding the Latin Grammy Awards, ITunes Latino, and watching then recreating cooking show videos. They also researched and created a week long trivia contest and display for the whole school surrounding understanding The Day of the Dead and what it really means to a teen in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Over 100 students participated! The class contributed a scarecrow to the Andover Coalition for Education's Scarecrow Festival. It was originally modeled after Jose Luis Posada's Day of the Dead icon, La Catrina. 
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