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Thursday, August 28, 2014

ACE funding brings WeatherBug to Andover Schools

In February of 2014, Earth Networks installed a new weather station and web cam, funded by ACE, on the roof of Andover High School signaling the arrival of Andover Public Schools as member of the national Weatherbug network of schools and organizations.  

Along with the weather station equipment, lifetime access to Weatherbug online resources was acquired for all 10 of Andover’s public schools.  This includes use of the Weatherbug Achieve web resources, a rich collection of tutorials, videos, maps, lessons, and other curriculum resources designed for different grade levels for use in all subject areas.  Many of the Achieve lessons integrate live data from the Andover station.

AHS webcam view of the sky above West Middle School

Andover’s Weatherbug station data can be accessed by anyone by visiting and entering 01810.  Check it out !

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