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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Geo Journals Doherty Middle School

We are doing a special project called Geo Journals in Social Studies. In this project, we each have a journal in which we write a letter about our lives, and where we live, and paste some pictures. Then we find the addresses of 2 people outside of Massachusetts, and send it to them. Once someone receives the journal, they would send an email to our teacher, Mr. Keane, saying that they have a journal. If it's your journal, you get to pinpoint the location of the journal on a map. At the end of the year, the journals will be sent back to the school, and us. We will get to read them, and learn about the places the journals have been.

Our goal for the project is to learn about how geography impacts our lives everywhere. We want to learn about other people and their lives! This project will help us understand geography from someone’s point of view. We get to learn about a place from the people who know it best-the people who live there! Also, we will learn what schooling is like, and what people wear and do in their daily lives.
Our project relates to the 5 themes of geography (location, place, human-environment-interaction, movement, and region) in many ways. It relates to location because we learn where the journal is. It relates to place because we learn about what people do, wear, and eat in their environment. It relates to human environment interaction because we get to learn what people have done to their environment to make it suitable to live in. it relates to movement because we get to see what people eat and wear, and how they live. We get to learn about region, like were the place is.  

This project is going great! So far, after only 2 months, we've received more than a hundred replies, about 84 in the U.S.A, and 43 world-wide. Over the rest of the school year we are hoping to get many more replies!

Sophie Jeffrey and Rachel HsuDoherty Middle School
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