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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ACE supports Mindstorms at Andover's Middle Schools

7th and 8th students returning to their engineering classes will quickly recognize some changes that are in store for them.  With generous financial support from the Andover Coalition for Education (ACE) to augment the APS operating budget, students in engineering classes at all three middle schools will have the opportunity to design, build, and program devices using Legos Mindstorms EV3 Core and Expansion kits.

Once the revised engineering program is up and running as planned, 7th grade students will spend part of their 9 week engineering class working in small groups with a Mindstorms core set to construct a predesigned project and once built, begin learning to program the "brick" processor to make their device accomplish specific performance objectives.

During the 8th grade engineering cycle, pairs of students will select a design challenge or problem of their own choosing and utilize a Mindstorms core set and expansion kit as well as other construction materials of their choosing to design and present a solution to their problem.

With Mindstorms resources available, Andover middle school student will be limited only by their creativity and innovation as they learn both engineering design and basic computer coding skills.

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