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Thursday, September 4, 2014

AHS Learning Spaces Receive a 21st Century Refresh (Part 1)

In an effort to make classrooms more adaptable to group learning and better support learning with technology, a few of the classrooms at Andover High received a refresh over the summer. 

Two English classrooms, a math classroom and the Library (aka Digital Learning Commons “DLC”) were recently outfitted with new chairs, desks and tables in an effort to create a learning environment more conducive to 21st century learning. 

The idea behind the Digital Learning Commons space is to create a flexible working environment that makes it easier for students to use their laptops, iPads and other digital tools as they go about their research and other work. It has been shown that a more flexible space invites greater collaboration and communication. These new environments may serve as prototypes for other areas in Andover schools.

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