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Monday, November 17, 2014

CREW Provides Wood Hill Students a Supportive Environment for Personal Growth

It’s not unusual to hear middle school age children saying they wish they had an outlet to safely express their opinions on issues that matter to them, such as typical adolescent concerns. At WHMS, that environment exists in the form of the Wood Hill Crew. CREW provides students a small group setting, which allows for open communication on issues of importance to them with a caring, trusted adult. This environment helps WHMS students develop a deeper sense of support and belonging in their school community.

Some of the goals of the program include:
  • providing a sense of community so that students feel accepted and valued by advisors and peers
  • giving students opportunities to discover their uniqueness so that they might come to appreciate the main differences among people
  • giving students opportunities to deal with issues and concerns related to their personal school experience
  • providing students an opportunity to develop social, conflict, resolution, and communication skills
  • heightening student awareness of good citizenship by providing opportunities for meaningful contributions to their school environment
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