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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

S.H.A.R.K.s At South !

Over 90 fourth and fifth grades SHARKS (Scientific, hardworking, achieving, researching kids) participated in the South School Science Fair this year. Individually or in pairs, students took on the challenge of developing a question on a topic of their own choosing, making a prediction, gathering materials, planning a procedure, gathering and recoding results, drawing a conclusion and then sharing their results. Science is all about asking questions and no one asks better questions than kids! Questions ranged from “Is it possible to sink a marshmallow in water?” to “Does celery absorb colored water?” to “Will a potato light a light bulb?”

After researching and planning their presentations at home, it was time for the Science Fair. In the afternoon, the student presenters set up their display boards and prepped their experiments. South School students were then invited to walk through the Science Fair, view the displays, and talk to the student scientists about their work. In the evening, the student scientists returned to share their work their parents and other adults.

Science may be messy sometimes (just ask our clean up crew!), but all of the students and families had a wonderful time and learned something new in the process!
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