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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Day Before Thanksgiving: A Food Drive Epic

So many families in need of our care
Missing the Thanksgiving feast just wouldn't be fair!
But how could we help all our neighbors in need?
It seemed like way too many mouths for us to feed!

Just then at Shawsheen there arose such a clatter
As everyone learned just what was the matter.
Faster than lightning, the whole school pitched in
Bringing all the things we needed to fill the food drive bin!

Now Claire! Now Amelia! Now William and Aria!
On Colin! On Kevin! On Ashley and Claudia!
To the pantry at home! To the store down the street!
Bring in your donation, be quick on your feet!

And anyone who brings food tonight to the dance
You’ll earn yourself one free raffle chance!
We especially need rice, beans, stuffing, and gravy
But we also welcome cereal, milk, sauce, and spaghetti.

Bring it tonight to the dance, or to Mr. Bones next week in school
Coming together to help our neighbors for Thanksgiving will be cool!
And remember, no matter how small, every little bit counts...
With each box, bag, and can the donation pile mounts!

Finally, pause for a moment and think of what makes you smile
And remember to be thankful and share that every once and awhile.
And when we deliver this great gift of food, we’ll be sure to call:
“Happy Thanksgiving and a very warm thank you to all!”

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