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Friday, December 19, 2014

January is DVD Donation Month at High Plain Elementary!

Is your family streaming its videos?  Do you have a closet full of G- or PG-rated videos that our students might enjoy?  We would love to have them to circulate to our library lovers.  Many of these videos are based on popular children’s literature and are a popular checkout item.  We have just weeded out our VHS movies because the boxes are pretty flimsy and the tapes get damaged so please, if you donate, send DVDs.  (They last much longer.)

Also, during January, the library literature will focus on multicultural books and folklore.  Our new nonfiction section has a large selection of fairy tales from all over the world, fables, myths, tall tales and legends.  We’re also featuring fictional items about cultures here at High Plain so students can spend “inside” days with great reading.
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