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Monday, January 26, 2015

AHS Music Students Awarded Big Honor

The following Andover High School students were chosen to participate in the Massachusetts Music
Educators Association Northeastern Senior Districts.

Congratulations to the students and their teachers: Catherine Hofius (Band Director), Mark Mercer (Choral Director), Julie Diehl and Brittany Kolodziej (Orchestra Directors).

Student names for each picture:

1.) Band students from left to right: Shawn Moon (Trombone), Ben Kesler (Trombone), Shannon Manuel (Trombone), Victoria Wu (Flute), Daniel Zhang (Clarinet),Tariq Ebrahim (Percussio0

2.) Orchestra students from left to right: Grace Koo (Violin), Emily Hilman (Violin), Tim Chen (Viola), Gavin Batsimm (Violin), Patrick Watrous (Violin), Joseph Kim (Cello).

3.) Choral students from left to right: Daniel Webber (Bass), Dylan Millis (Tenor), Edward Lu (Bass), Brad Lynn (Bass), Adam Weber (Bass), Amanda Hornick (Alto), Jackie Long (Soprano), Taejasvi Narayan (Alto), Francesca Lionetta (Soprano). [Not pictured: Alex Claman (Bass)]

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