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Friday, January 23, 2015

Ayodeji Ogunnaike Drops in on AHS Odyssey Class

Ayodeji Ogunnaike visited the AHS Odyssey class on Friday, December 12th to share his knowledge of Nigerian religious traditions, adire textiles, and current events in Africa. His doctoral research centers on Ifa religion and ritual, which is practiced among the Yoruba people in southwest Nigeria. Deji related some of the ways in which textile designs convey important messages about cultural identity in Nigeria and explained the intersections of symbolism in textiles and indigenous religions in Africa.

Students had the opportunity to see traditional Nigerian textiles, try on Nigerian clothing and hats, and see actual ritual objects used in Ifa divination. Following the lecture, students engaged in a Q&A on current events, learning the impact of Boko Haram on everyday life in Nigeria and the affects of Ebola throughout the African continent.

Later, students in Odyssey created their own adire textiles using the same materials and techniques that artists in Nigeria have utilized for hundreds of years.
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