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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Practicing Math in Focus at South

While practicing their addition facts, students in Grade 1 are building number sense and problem solving skills using some very fun math apps on their iPads. 

Ms. Kennedy worked with the classroom teachers to introduce three apps to the students: 

  • Butterfly Math, in which students can capture flying butterflies to solve problems such as:
                      o 1 + 4 = ?
                      o 4 + ? = 9
                      o ? + ? = 7
  • Sushi Monster, in which student fed sushi to a hungry monster by choosing combinations of numbers to create sums up to 24
  • Monster Math, in which student choose answers to math facts to complete a monster bingo board
After the class was introduced to each of the apps, students worked in small groups along with an adult to explore the apps on their own and to increase fluency with their math facts.

Grade 1 students reported:
    • “I like Sushi Monster because you can go to cool levels with different monsters. I even tried multiplication!”
    • “I like using the iPads for math because I like Math Monsters. You can do subtraction and addition.”
    • “I like using technology. I like Sushi Monster. I ordered it on my iPad. The Banana Math is pretty fun too.”
    • “I thought the Butterfly Math was so fun, I downloaded it at home.”
    • “I downloaded them all on my iPad so that I could learn more about numbers at home.”
    • “I love math, so I thought the apps were so much fun!”

Students are looking forward to learning about some more math apps in the next few weeks!

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