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Friday, March 6, 2015

HPE Students Create the "Social Detective Newsletter"

There are times when some of the best student work shines through when they work together. That can certainly be said about this group of "Social Detectives" at High Plain Elementary. HPE Speech Pathologist, Cindy Olendzenski, recently invited a group of her students to undertake a project targeting Social Thinking skills. Through this project the students work together in cooperative groups, sharing their interests, as well as learning about the activities and interests of other people in their classes/school/community (perspective taking skills).

Being a student reporter for the newsletter is a fun and engaging way for these students to work on these important skills and they are eager participants.  They chose the topics that they would like to include (along with some teacher suggestions as well).  Of course, the best part is reading the newsletter when it is finished and seeing their work “in print”.  We also share this newsletter with their teachers and parents.
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