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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sanborn 5th Graders Keeping Water Clean

On Tuesday, March 10, 2015, the fifth grade at Sanborn Elementary participated in the North Shore Greenscapes “Keeping Water Clean” program. Coordinated by Steve Sanborn, our students rotated through six activity stations with hands-on water quality related activities led by Greenscapes educators and parent volunteers.

In one of these stations, they learned about their local watersheds and about the reservoir that provides all of their drinking water; Haggett’s Pond. They watched public service announcements and learned how to conserve and use water efficiently. Two of the stations used dyes and objects to represent pollutants that when added to scaled models of the outdoors, allowed students to observe what happens when fertilizers, chemicals, and toxins enter our environment and affect our water supply. In yet another station, the students taste-tested samples of tap and spring water while learning about the amount of energy and resources used to produce the plastic containers to bottle water. 

Lastly, they learned about the role of the Water Treatment Plant and looked at samples of water in the various stages of the treatment process. All of these stations delivered a clear message on the importance of keeping our water clean.

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