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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

AHS Students Create Video as part of Boston Chinatown Fieldwork Day

This video was made at the completion of the Boston Chinatown fieldwork day, which is part of AHS Chinese language and culture curriculum.  Students visited local businesses such as bakeries, art craft shops, pharmacies, and bubble tea shops.  In addition, the students dined in an authentic Chinese restaurant, which is quite different from the popular Chinese restaurants in the U.S.  In the process, students interviewed some of the owners and employees at these businesses.

In preparation for the fieldwork day, students worked in groups drafting their action plans, which included deciding the aspects of Chinatown they were going to focus on, the different roles for each student, the kind of questions they were going to ask and why, etc.  The goals of this video project was for students to experience firsthand the Chinese culture in Boston Chinatown, use Chinese language in an authentic context; and develop their social skills in the target language during the whole process.

The video was then entered in the International "Language in Motion" Video Contest. To see Andover's Team Dragon video see below. To see all the entries go to this link.

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