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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Techsploration: Simple Machines Made Fun

5th graders at South recently had the opportunity to explore a variety of simple machines when the curriculum enrichment program Techsploration came for a day-long visit. 

During the Simple Machines Made Fun presentation, students used a twelve-foot long lever, three-foot tall gears and pulleys, a catapult, and a hand crank music machine to demonstrated how all simple machines help us do work by trading distance for effort.  Afterwards each class had a hands-on workshop using gears, belts, and pulleys to build a transmission system for their motor driven cars.  Students tested their cars on up hill and down hill slopes, experimenting with different gear combinations, to get the fastest, most efficient car possible.

Techsploration used a wide variety of methods mixed with lots of humor to teach technological and scientific concepts. In addition to being fun, students reported that they really learned a lot. The activities in which the students participated reinforced our science curriculum and illustrated how concepts are applied to real life situations.
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