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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Recorder Flash Mob Surprises All at Bancroft

Third graders across the district receive two music classes a week, one that focuses on musical theory and pedagogy and the other where students get to explore with musical recorders as instruments.  This year Bancroft had the pleasure of having Mr. Joseph Wright teach our third graders their weekly recorder classes.  For our spring musical performance, Mr. Wright worked with Bancroft's music teacher (Ms. Evelyn Loynd) to organize a "Recorder Flash Mob" right in the middle of the concert.  Third graders surprised the whole school playing a rendition of "Centuries" accompanied by Mr. Wright on the electric bass and Ms. Loynd on the piano.  It was a huge success, as the whole school even joined in clapping the beat as the third graders performed.  Great job to all the Bancroft musicians!

Song Artist: Fall Out Boy
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