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Friday, October 30, 2015

Andover's Young Entrepreneurs

Last year I was invited by my son's math teacher, Deb Freilich at West Middle School, to be one of the 5 judges to judge the class's Shark Tank competition.  Twelve groups/individuals of 7th grade boys and girls made it to the finals. 

The students had to come up with an idea/product and present it to a panel of judges.  They used Powerpoint presentations showing their cost/profit analysis and did skits to present their products. A few even made commercials.  There were so many amazing ideas. The top 2 Shark Tank Winners were 4 girls.   

I met with the girls along with their mom's and teacher this summer to discuss packaging, display and marketing. They worked on perfecting their products to have them ready to sell in the store this month. 

I am happy to announce that Aroma Therapy ($7/bottle) and 
M&S Dogelicious Treats ($6/pkg) are available for purchase at SoleAmour.
All proceeds from sales go directly to the girls who have decided to donate a portion of their sales to Great Dog Rescue and The MSPCA

Article: Stephanie Sipley (owner of Sole Amour)

Photo Credit: Gabriella Cruz (Townsman)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

8th Grade DMS Students "Showcased" at MassCUE

Eighth grade Doherty Middle School students attended the Student Showcase at The MASSCue Teachers Technology Conference on Weds. October 21st at Gillette Stadium with the Digital Learning Specialist Barbara Murray and math teacher Wendy Kuda.  Parnav Abbott, Frank Qian, Tegan Carr, Max Karlberg and Suran Maheswaran presented their 3D “Castle” projects created with two different software programs, Google SketchUp and Minecraft.  All students had many engaging conversations with teachers from around the state.

Friday, October 9, 2015

AHS Film/Video Students Featured on WHDH’s Urban Update

On Wednesday October 7 Andover High School seniors Fiona Jungmann and Peter Meltsakos traveled into the WHDH Studios for an interview on the program Urban Update. In May of 2015 Fiona and Peter, along with their classmates in Advanced Film/Video Production took First Place in the School Breakfast Video Contest sponsored by the MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education’s Child Nutrition Outreach Program for their video “Breakfast Hero”. Their classmates included: Mohib Azam, Kaegan Casey, Joseph Crowley, Cameron Hallinan, Stephen Herman, Wyatt Rothwell, Dean Smith, and Timothy Sorota, all of whom graduated in 2015. Being featured on Urban Update was part of the First Place prize, along with winning $1000 for the AHS TV program.

Fiona and Peter sat down with Ashley Krebs, Director of the Child Nutrition Outreach Program and the shows host Byron Barnett to discuss the importance of eating a healthy breakfast as well as the process behind creating the winning video.

The show will air on Sunday, October 11, 2015 immediately following Meet the Press at 11:30am on WHDH (7 News).

The winning video can be viewed here:

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