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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

AHS Chinese Language Students are Looking to Spread their Knowledge

On this past November 19, AHS language students (Chinese 1 and 3) participated in the "Pengyou Day".  

The goal of the day was to:

1. Teach the word “Pengyou” (or any Chinese word or phrase) to a friend, relative, or anyone!

2. Take a picture with that person by holding up the attached sign.

3. Upload the picture to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the following sentence  “I taught ­(name of person) (word taught) in Chinese! WE ARE ALL #PENGYOU #AsiaSociety”.

The purpose of the campaign was to empower students of Chinese to spread their knowledge to others, starting with simple conversations like the teaching of one word in Chinese to a friend.

During these conversations, we encourage students to share their personal stories studying in China and/or learning Mandarin.

By joining in solidarity with thousands of like-minded students across the country, these simple actions become part of a movement to promote Chinese language and constructive China exchanges across the United States.
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