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Monday, April 4, 2016

AHS CAPStone equals Self-Directed Learning for these Enterprising Seniors

During this year's Spring Semester, six seniors have volunteered to participate in the Senior Capstone pioneering cohort, an advanced research seminar that affords Seniors in good standing the opportunity to self-direct their learning toward personalized areas of interest.

On March 17th, Senior Capstone Scholars presented their passion project ideas and initial research to the School Committee: Leigh Burte--Entrepreneurial Explorations of Event Planning; Sara Clark--Women in Silent Film; Dan Combs--Innovative Networking; Henry Gilbert--Exploration of Music and Subculture  Emma Plourde--Broader Aspects of Phenotype; and Abby White--Healthy Cost-Effective Cooking in Under-Privileged Communities.  
Co-led by Steve Chinosi, Director of Innovation, and Rebecca D'Alise, English Teacher and Senior Exhibition Advisor, AHS CAPStone is an advanced research seminar that allows students to pursue a researchable question through quantitative and qualitative research methods along with a substantial field-based inquiry project. CAPS offers students a chance to create an independent academic experience, with the focus on authentic inquiry.  A Capstone project also provides second-semester seniors with a critical learning experience and an opportunity for intellectual problem solving, social change, and community service. The focus of CAPS is to put students in the position of the "expert" in an area of study or in a career setting of their own choosing.

We encourage all rising juniors to consider including a CAPStone project in their senior-year planning.  SeniorsCAPS will be implemented as a credited course in the 2016-2017 academic year.  

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